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Crisp Sorghum Flakes


Our rice sorghum flakes are prepared from first grade, clean medium grain brown rice, cut Milo and whole Chia seed that have been cooked and flavored with evaporated cane juice and sea salt. Our crisp sorghum flakes are prepared from first grade, clean sorghum that have been cooked, dried, milled, and oven-toasted. For more information on different sorghum that CCP offers, please visit the sorghum page below. 

Crisp Quinoa

Crisp Quinoa

Our crisp quinoa is prepared from first grade, organic quinoa from Bolivia that has been cooked and oven-toasted to a pleasant crisp texture and nice toasted quinoa flavor. It is used in products such as granola, granola bars, salad toppings and many other snacks. Please visit our product details page to see more information on our crisp quinoa.

Gluten-Free Brown Crisp Rice Gluten-Free

Keeping our customers in mind, we offer many gluten-free options, including Gluten Free Brown Crisp Rice, Sorghum Flakes, and Crisp Quinoa. With California Cereal Products, you can enjoy a wide variety of gluten free cereals for the best tasting experience.


One of our most popular requests are cereal flakes. CCP offers Corn Flakes, Rice Flakes, Wheat Flakes, and Sorghum Flakes. For more information on our flakes, visit our products page or contact us.