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Product Details

Crisp Sorghum Flakes

Ingredients: Sorghum

Our crisp sorghum flakes are prepared from first grade, clean sorghum that have been cooked, dried, milled, and oven-toasted.

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Crisp Sorghum


Crisp Sorghum

Ingredients: Sorghum

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Crisp Rice

Ingredients: Rice, Sugar, Salt, Malt Extract, Malt Syrup, and Distilled Monoglycerides

Crisp White Rice is prepared from first grade, clean whole white rice that has been cooked with distilled mono-glycerides and flavored with sugar, salt, malt extract and malt syrup, and then oven toasted.

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Ingredients: Quinoa, Uncooked

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Crisp Black Rice

Crisp Black Rice

Ingredients: Rice

Crisp Black Rice is prepared from first grade, clean whole rice that has been cooked and then oven toasted. This product does not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

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Bumped Rice

Ingredients: Rice, Brown, Long-grain, Raw, Sea Salt

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Brown Crisp Rice Plain


Brown Crisp Rice Plain

Ingredients: Rice, Brown, Medium-grain, Raw

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